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National Governing Bodies

There are over 40 NGBs that represent outdoor pursuits activities. These activities include: walking, cycling, mountaineering, off-roading, caving and orienteering to name just a few. Most of the outdoor pursuits NGBs work towards maintaining public access for their activity.

NGBs come in all shapes and sizes:

Picture of cross country runners


Many participants in outdoor pursuits do not join their National Governing Body. These may be individuals who practise their sport outside of a club environment, those who are members of unaffiliated organisations, those who do not subscribe to the benefits of membership, or those who do not appreciate being part of a formal structure. As a result there is a limit to the control the National Governing Bodies can exercise over the people who undertake the activity they represent.

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National Governing Bodies for Outdoor Pursuits

National Governing Bodies exist to represent their members’ interests. National Governing Bodies work to develop, promote and protect their sport or activity. Governance of their sport or recreation is a key role in regulating the activity. Many National Governing Bodies have affiliated clubs, which operate at a regional or local level.

National Governing Bodies vary in size and structure and represent a diverse range of activities.

In return for membership subscriptions, members usually receive a package of benefits which generally include:

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